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Winter in New Zealand officially runs between the months of June and August, and has a moderate climate with temperatures in the Queenstown and Wanaka areas averaging between -1 and +10 degrees Celcius.

Although some ski resorts aim to open as early as the first week of June, the season proper begins towards the end of the month when all five local resorts are open.

At the end of June there has traditionally been a lot more snow fall which sees the terrain parks shaping up nicely, and the majority, if not all of the skiable terrain being open.

All of the ski fields stay open through the spring until the end of September and into October whilst conditions allow.

Heli-skiing/heli boarding is an incredible experience and begins when there is sufficient backcountry snow cover. This is generally from the start of July and will similarly operate on demand through into October as snow conditions allow.

As an activity, it is much cheaper to Heliski in New Zealand when compared to North America and Europe, and offers excellent value for money. As New Zealand’s weather is very changeable, those wanting Heliski/board fresh powder in the backcountry should be flexible and have a few days available as it is weather dependant in nature.

You can keep updated with current conditions at these sites:

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